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Geographical location of the Nueva Esparta State
To the North of Venezuela, 38 Km. of the oriental north coast, formed by three islands with the following ones coordinated geographical:

Margarita Island:
10º 51' 50" - 11º 11' 06" north latitude
63º 46' 40" - 64º 24' 32" longitude west.
Coche Island:
10º 46' 30" north latitude
63º 56' 45" longitude west.
Cubagua Island:
10º 49' 40" north latitude
64º 11' 25" longitude west

1.150Km2 (115.000 hectares), it represents 0,13% of the national territory.
Surface Of Each Island:
Margarita, 1.071 km2. - Coche, 55Km2. - Cubagua, 24 km2.
The entity has 315 Kms. of costs, which constitute their main tourist resource.

La Asunción.
Other Populations
Boca de Rio, Juangriego, Pampatar, Paraguachi y Porlamar.

Territorial Division
Eleven (11) municipalities: Antolín del Campo, Arismendi, Díaz, García, Gómez, Maneiro,Marcano, Mariño, Península de Macanao, Tubores and Villalba.

The relief is conformed, in its majority, for two big blocks prepared in general sense this west, united by a narrow isthmus of very little elevation denominated Isthmus of The Restinga. The western sector, called peninsula of Macanao, is characterized to present a solid one lengthened in east sense - west from the hill Macanao until the hill Guaraguao; while the oriental sector presents in the center part - mountainous solid north three aligned in southeast sense - northeast; it has as features topographical come out the hills Copey, La Guardia, Matasiete and Guayamurí. The solid oriental south presents a topography of low relief except for the moderate elevations located to Punta Ram's north and in María Guevara's Teats (Las Tetas de Maria Guevara), to the northeast of Punta de Piedras.

The Nueva Esparta state is a continuation of the Mountainous System of the Caribbean, separated from the continental coast for the Depression of Cariaco, geological characterized by successive events of volcanism, sedimentation, emersion, deposition and rising. The lithology is represented by the igneous formations - metamorphic of the era Mesozoic that they constitute the basement of the mountainous groups and it leaves of the hill relief, especially of points of the mountainous landscapes, solid of María Guevara and of Orinoco. The formations would deposit third they constitute the basement of the hills of the area of Pampatar, most of the coastal plane as well as some areas of the Peninsula of Macanao; and lastly, the quaternary formations of the Pleistocene and Holocene, to which belong the lowest marine terraces, constituted by alluviums, calcareous coast and alluvial, gritty terraces, besides lagoon deposits.

Main rivers: Chaguaramal, The Muco, El Valle, La Asunción, El Viejo, Negro, San Francisco, San Juan and Tacarigua.
Lagoons: La Restinga, Las Marites and Los Martires.
The rivers of the entity have a régime of quite irregular glide, being presented dry most of the year and torrential for short periods, typical of areas of low but intense and concentrated annual precipitation. The few rains make that the resources superficial hydrous and underground are scarce, because in spite of existing favorable geologic conditions for their storage, the recharge is not significant; this makes the supply of water with urban ends to depend almost totally on mainland.

The physical characteristics - natural, particularly the relief and the climate, they have produced a mixture of areas of life that they go from the overgrowth tropical desert, in the low and dry areas, going The Hill by a wide range of floors altitude with prevalence of the thorny mount and the tropical dry forest the Cerro Copey. The area of bigger precipitation of the island corresponds to the forest humid pre-mountain. In the marshy areas and salt mine grow the forests of swamps

Forest Resources
Araguán (araguaney), cardón, cují yaque, guayacán, jobo, vera, among others.
Mineral Resources
With regard to the energy resources, the islands that conform the entity don't have hydrocarbons neither of hydroelectric potential. The terrestrial mineral resources are limited to the existence of non-metallic minerals as gravel, sand, limestone and stone, used in the industry of the construction.

Margarita island is an island like few in the Caribbean Sea. The people's warmth, the paradisiacal beaches, the hotel offer and the inexhaustible entertainment sources, makes of her an unique and irresistible option when looking for that ideal place in which to spend your vacations.

Her landscapes and their famous dawns, will evoke the romanticism, as well as their casinos and game rooms will attract to the risky ones and those no so risky to prove luck as much in the love as in the game.

To visit her is definitively to be allowed to take for a vortex of pleasant emotions that go from the encounter with the nature, until the sensation of risk of an extreme sport.

Our services are characterized to fill the expectations of the most demanding and perfectionist of the tourists, as well as they are usually flexible for those that want freedom and independence. Restaurants, nightclubs, casinos, bingos, discos and pleasant shows, are part of the multicolored night in Margarita, made for the adventure, the romance and the entertainment.

Activities of all type are conjugated to give the tourist the opportunity to know, to explore and to enjoy our island. Diving, horse back riding, jeep safaris, trips in catamaran, ultra light plane flights and even jumps in bengi, are just some of the activities you will be able to do in Margarita.

Our people will be ever waiting to offer to you that friendship and warmth that comes from the colony times and makes them worthy of the visitor's good faith.

In short, Margarita Island, warm and welcoming waits for you , to make of your vacations that unforgettable and sweet memory that is taken in the heart for always.

Don't think more about it: Let this paradise of dreams and emotions attract you, and allow us to make you feel surrounded by friends that are willing to make you spend the best vacations of your life.



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